The Tale of the Cage in Search of a Bird

Rodoula Pappa, Célia Chauffrey

A little cage feels lonely because, unlike all the other cages, it’s not home to a bird.
So it sets off in search of one. It meets a busy swallow, an independent sparrow,
some noisy ducklings, a smug nightingale, a snooty peacock and finally a wise
old owl. At the end of its journey it learns that the best way to make lasting
friends is to take good care of them and to respect their freedom.

About the authors:

RODOULA PAPPA is a writer and translator of children’s books. Her first book The boy with the tree (2012) was awarded the Greek National Prize for Children’s Literature. She is co-founder of the Volatilium and Tsalapeteinos children’s books imprints.

CÉLIA CHAUFFREY was born in Paris, France in 1978. She graduated from the École de Dessin Émile Cohl in Lyon in 2003. She has been working as a freelance illustrator since 2008. She has collaborated with, among other publishers, L’École des Loisirs, Grund, Little Bee Books, Simon and Shuster, Auzou, Frimousse. Her picture book Pierre la Lune (text: A. Briere-Haquet) has been translated into fifteen languages.

published in

GREEK, FRENCH, SPANISH (North & South America), CHINESE (simplified), KOREAN



Rodoula Pappa
Célia Chauffrey
The Tale of the Cage

ISBN: 978-960-504-127-4
Pages: 34, Hard Cover
Dimensions: 24x34cm
Catalogue Price in GREECE (incl. VAT 6%): € 13,90

Series: TSALAPETEINOS / Picture Books
Design and typography: P. Douvitsas


The book is published in:
GREEK: Nefeli publishing
FRENCH: Éditions Belin
SPANISH (North & South America): Leetra Final
CHINESE (simplified): Changchun Publishing
KOREAN: Hansolsoobook

Full length video (13m.) availlable for screening in schools, with narration in Greek and subtitles available in the following languages:

Spanish Edition by LEETRA (North & South America)

Érase una vez una jaula. Una jaula como cualquier otra menos por una cosa: dentro de ella no vivía ni un canario, ni un jilguero, ni un periquito ni ninguna otra ave. Era una jaula vacía… ¿Pero cómo puede una jaula vacía ser feliz? Entonces un buen día decidió emprender camino en busca de su suerte.

French Edition by BELIN

Comme toutes les cages à oiseaux, Petite Cage a une mangeoire remplie de graines, une coupelle d’eau fraîche et une gracieuse balançoire. Elle devrait être une maison idéale ! Et pourtant, Petite Cage est une cage à oiseaux… sans oiseaux. « Puisque aucun oiseau ne vient à moi, c’est moi qui irai à eux ! » décide-t-elle. Ainsi commence le voyage de Petite Cage… Trouvera-t-elle son bonheur ?

Korean Edition by HANSOLSOOBOOK

Chinese Edition by CHANGCHUN

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